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Our Building

OUR BUILDING is the second oldest in a contiguous block The Doe Buildingof four mid-1800’s wooden buildings fronting the east side of Main Street in Bradford. These are the oldest commercial buildings in town, and all are still in active use. 148 Main Street was built in 1866 by Edward Pritchard. At that time, a grand stairway connected the resident retail store's street floor and second floor, and a livery barn was in the rear. Legend says a Masonic Hall occupied the third floor.

In 1888, Fred Doe of Bradford opened the Doe Bros. Department Store in the building. Fred Doe operated his store until 1955, becoming the longest–serving business owner in Bradford. People fondly remember him sitting in the store front window repairing watches. The name “Doe” is still embedded in the stonework of our threshold. The Doe Bros hat display case now shows off handcrafted wooden bowls and glassware.

In recent years, the building has been extensively reworked and used for many purposes, including a hardware store (Gove & Morrell), a small engine repair shop, and very recently the headquarters of an ink-jet cartridge online sales facility and a biomedical engineering research operation. The levels above the store are currently offices and studios.

Today the building retains most of the charm and quirks inherent in its age – including the 160-year-old front door, tin ceilings, and a wooden floor that softly undulates. The grand stairway, alas, disappeared many years ago. However, the building remains a hub of activity and continues to function in a very modern way. We love it!

If you have memories about the businesses which occupied 148 Main Street over its lifetime, please share them with us. Stop in and tell us the story or drop us a note by email or use our Contact Us form. We love to hear them.

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