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About us

Nikki, Dick, Becca, Mick

We are a family partnership consisting of Nikki, Dick, Becca, and Mick Darling. Dick and Nikki are husband and wife and live in the neighboring town of West Fairlee; Mick and Becca, Dick’s son and daughter-in-law, live in the Boston area. Nikki is the store's day-to-day manager.

North of the Falls was founded and named in 2003 by Mark Johnson, the owner of the Bliss Village Store, our present next-door business neighbor. We purchased the North of the Falls business from Mark in 2005. That transaction took place shortly after Nikki’s birthday, and the family joke is that she was given the choice of a swimming pool or a store as a birthday present - and she made a rash decision.

We continue North of the Falls because we feel it has evolved into an operation that significantly enhances Bradford’s unusually intact working downtown. Despite our own complete lack of retail experience, we want to help that process continue. With family roots that go back several generations in the Bradford area, we feel a commitment to helping the town thrive. Although we always aim to have the store support itself, we make most business decisions with an eye to maintaining a people-oriented downtown concept.

As the years have passed, we’ve learned a lot about retail, art, and craftsmanship, and have expanded the store’s offerings and display space substantially. We’ve been helped by a creative, talented, and generous community which includes the Bradford merchants, many volunteers, local artisans, and our staff who have all been essential to our success.